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What is the New Classic NC4?

NC is “New Classic” one of six mouthpiece designs in the E. Rousseau line. This design provides for superior tone, responsiveness and projection for most advancing student players. It promotes a full range of tonal colors and excellent tonal center. The New Classic is designed for natural reed fit and easier tuning. The “4” indicates Medium facing (distance between reed and mouthpiece tip). The NC4 is the preferred model and facing for advancing concert band saxophonists.


What makes the NC4 better for concert band?

1. It was designed by Eugene Rousseau, one of the most significant players and teachers of saxophone for the past fifty years. Rousseau is not only one of the world’s finest classical players and a most prominent teacher; he also learned about woodwind acoustics and design from Charles Houvenaghel, regarded at that time as the greatest acoustician since Adolph Sax.

2. This NC4 provides for superior tone, responsiveness and projection. It promotes a full range of tonal colors and excellent tonal center. The New Classic is designed for natural reed fit and easier tuning.

3. The NC4 is made from traditional hard rubber, widely known to be the preferred material for woodwind mouthpieces. All E. Rousseau mouthpieces are made in the U.S.A.

4. The NC4 is available for all saxophone models (S/A/T/B) and can provide a consistent tonal base for the entire saxophone section.

5. E. Rousseau mouthpieces are designed for saxophonists at every level, and continue to be priced to be affordable for students.

“Best” for Concert Band

We asked several band directors to provide E. Rousseau NC4 mouthpieces to their saxophone sections and comment on the results. The sections included saxophone models from Jupiter, Selmer, Yanigasawa and Yamaha. Here’s what they had to say.

· The scale of the instruments is more in tune with the Rousseau mouthpieces.

· These mouthpieces provided excellent tone quality throughout the section.

· The NC4 facing provides a good, characteristic saxophone sound, as well as excellent cohesiveness in the section

· These mouthpieces, when combined with practice and specific instruction will improve the sound of a saxophone section.Provide a warm centered tone, positive response, and powerful projection. Available in three (soprano and alto) or four (tenor and baritone) facings, most players settle in on medium or medium open selection. The classic R offers a wide palate of opportunity for advanced players.

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